Fall 2017


The Noble Horse - Lisa Regen

"For the most part, horses are quiet. They neigh only to each other. In pain they are silent. If you are listening you might notice the stomp of a foot, the swish of a tail, their gentle breath..."

Selected Poems - Ryan Saul Cunningham

"Like the philosopher’s difficult handwriting, / Popular in certain traditions, history / Ultimately turns out the same, slobbering / Over a six-string July in the shadow..."

Day Is Done - Shannon Coghlan Reiss

"The gunny almost always kept a wad of singles in the top drawer of his filing cabinet, and I sometimes wondered if he left them there specifically for me..."

Park - Victoria Le

"The dog plays / a dog. / The girl / plays a / gun. Take the / ocean by / the handle / running. This / is how the / future / works..."

Still Renting - Joshua Michael Maher

"I am not as hungry as I used to be. I don’t count pennies at night anymore. I don’t recycle cans and bottles; I just leave them on the curb..."