Spring 2017


Not Crying - Sally K Lehman

"Inez was bigger than me, older than me. And she was heavier, not just because of age. She was one of those kids with a stomach that sticks out ahead, who walks through the world belly first..."

Six Words - Howard Kerr

Howard Kerr has been writing and submitting entries to various contests for almost eight years. In that time, he has been selected four times in the Irish Independent's Six Word Short Story Category.

Cementia - Evan Steuber

"I was turning into a statue. It started with the tips of my fingers and toes. While modeling Hermaphroditus for my sculptor-friend, there was a sudden hardening in my extremities..."

Selected Poems - nicole v basta

"...could watch the tiny curls / being sewn onto a baby doll’s head / on youtube / sterile gloved hands spiral the hair / spinning and giving in to its orbit..."

The Art of Lying - Eva Myers

"I always had this dreadful habit of looking down nervously and twiddling my thumbs when I was lying to people. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I still do..."

Inner Fire - Adam Strong

"I want to cheer and dance around, but I let the warm inside my chest do that for me. It feels like winning and winning is not a thing I am used to doing..."