Summer 2017


Angel Dust - Alex Behr

"Gib holds his pee and doesn’t laugh when one kid stutters on the rug. He chews and tries to swallow mustard-flavored meat. Aiden calls him short. That is first grade..."

Selected Poems - Cameron Quan Louie

"On the new train / line the trip takes / only four minutes. / I find one problem with / that kind of efficiency / is I get places / too fast..."

New Old Friends - Alethea Tusher

"I find the cost-benefit of social exertion in party-like or party-actual atmospheres (like this one) not worth all the hygiene that I’m mostly neutral about..."

Six Words - AJ Atwater

Atwater is a Minnesota/Manhattan abstract painter and literary fiction writer with stories forthcoming or published in KYSO Flash, 50-Word Stories, PANK, and others.

Wak'a - Will McCollum

"Today, of moments: / Paraguayan contra- / band cigarettes and / the sunset in subtle Andean / purples over a brewery / of a beer we drink here..."