Angel Dust - Alex Behr

"Gib holds his pee and doesn’t laugh when one kid stutters on the rug. He chews and tries to swallow mustard-flavored meat. Aiden calls him short. That is first grade..."

The Art of Lying - Eva Myers

"I always had this dreadful habit of looking down nervously and twiddling my thumbs when I was lying to people. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I still do..."

Selected Poems - Emelia Reuterfors

"...saw the pause / in his cornea, / to distribute the right fact / to your audience. you breathe / through, spindle / the throat’s wire, / release the tongue spark."

Antinomian - Joseph Harms

"He washed his windows often, liked them fogged: / how analgeses anaphyl and lust- / rums will nychthem; sodality’s enjoin- / ment reified each day, too aporets..."

Six Words - Ty Phelps

Winner of the Winter 2016 Six Word Story Contest with guest judge Margaret Malone.