Slowly I Turn - Doug Chase

"The cockroaches only bothered me as long as I believed in Jesus. It was about five years altogether I went to the holy roller church, and you could measure the years..."

Red - Carrie Padian

"I feel like a Lifetime movie or at least the first two thirds of one, before anyone really notices the main character has a 'problem'..."

Happy Anniversary - Zach Ellis

"On paper it looked good. Thin tip black Sharpie on her card stock. Her precious card stock that had its own shelf in the office..."

Forgotten - Valerie Wagner

"Ruth could not remember why she had come into this room. She held a vague notion of searching for something..."

Tarantula Hawk - Miranda Brown

"Some things are hard to understand. Some things are hard to hold onto. When you know the truth, you go for the opposite..."