Grammar - Sarah McCann

"So they’ve chipped obsidian from the Museum / of Natural History into grievous needles. They hide / them in their hair, or in the thick worming scars / on their arms..."

VI - Karolinn Fiscaletti

"You hear a great deal about work like everyone in the meantime is not desperately on land / You are nothing but the letter which gave you pain the short infirmity..."

Selected Poems - Joshua Smith

From The Gravity of the Thing's Winter 2018 issue, selected poetry by Joshua Smith. Joshua Smith studied literature and now studies law.

Selected Poems - Ryan Saul Cunningham

"Like the philosopher’s difficult handwriting, / Popular in certain traditions, history / Ultimately turns out the same, slobbering / Over a six-string July in the shadow..."

Park - Victoria Le

"The dog plays / a dog. / The girl / plays a / gun. Take the / ocean by / the handle / running. This / is how the / future / works..."

Selected Poems - Cameron Quan Louie

"On the new train / line the trip takes / only four minutes. / I find one problem with / that kind of efficiency / is I get places / too fast..."

Wak'a - Will McCollum

"Today, of moments: / Paraguayan contra- / band cigarettes and / the sunset in subtle Andean / purples over a brewery / of a beer we drink here..."