New Old Friends - Alethea Tusher

"I find the cost-benefit of social exertion in party-like or party-actual atmospheres (like this one) not worth all the hygiene that I’m mostly neutral about..."

Not Crying - Sally K Lehman

"Inez was bigger than me, older than me. And she was heavier, not just because of age. She was one of those kids with a stomach that sticks out ahead, who walks through the world belly first..."

The Art of Lying - Eva Myers

"I always had this dreadful habit of looking down nervously and twiddling my thumbs when I was lying to people. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I still do..."

Seeds - Kathryn H. Ross

"Emmaline tasted the inside of her mouth and thought of fire—in the grate, flickering on a match, billowing beneath rocket ships, blazing in the sky..."

Puzzle - Sam Leuenberger

"There’s a big black garbage bag and about a thousand and one puzzle pieces in the bathtub..."

The Bone Cans - James Guthrie

"On a bed of bastard nails, face down in the bristles, I can’t tell cut from eyelash. Both are black slashes, stubbly, silhouetted..."