Puzzle - Sam Leuenberger

"There’s a big black garbage bag and about a thousand and one puzzle pieces in the bathtub..."

The Bone Cans - James Guthrie

"On a bed of bastard nails, face down in the bristles, I can’t tell cut from eyelash. Both are black slashes, stubbly, silhouetted..."

Einstein at Home - Joel Best

"Am perplexed by electric tin opener in kitchen. Yesterday device operated perfectly, today fails to perform as designed..."

Possum - Marcie Friedman

"My dog, Hooper, killed a possum in the backyard, and the next morning Ellie Longbottem had her baby. I know there doesn’t seem to be much in common..."

The Fisherman - Christie Wilson

"All fishermen know that half full nets weigh much more than the sum of their contents; they also bear the emotional heft of the incomplete, the left undone..."