Six Words - Howard Kerr

Howard Kerr has been writing and submitting entries to various contests for almost eight years. In that time, he has been selected four times in the Irish Independent's Six Word Short Story Category.

Six Words - Drew Piston

Drew Piston lives on Vashon Island with his girlfriend, Ellen. He spends his time writing, reading, coding, and playing music.

Six Words - Cassondra Bird Combs

Cassondra Bird Combs is a writer who currently lives in Portland, Oregon. She holds an MFA from Portland State University where she was the fiction editor for the Portland Review.

Six Words - Dylan Lee

Dylan lives in Portland, Oregon, and he tends to overwrite. His shorter writings have been published in Fiction Attic, Phoebe, and the anthology The Night, and the Rain, and the River.

Six Words - Sharon McDonell

Sharon McDonell took her own advice as a college career counselor and is completing her memoir on a lesbian activist's search for a supportive, loving family.