Six Words - Dylan Lee

Dylan lives in Portland, Oregon, and he tends to overwrite. His shorter writings have been published in Fiction Attic, Phoebe, and the anthology The Night, and the Rain, and the River.

Six Words - Sharon McDonell

Sharon McDonell took her own advice as a college career counselor and is completing her memoir on a lesbian activist's search for a supportive, loving family.

Six Words - Ty Phelps

Winner of the Winter 2016 Six Word Story Contest with guest judge Margaret Malone.

Six Words - Diana Wagman

Diana Wagman is the author of five novels, and her short stories and essays have been published in Conjunctions, The Colorado Review, and The Los Angeles Times.

Six Words - Yvonne Conza

Yvonne Conza is the co-author of Training for Both Ends of the Leash (Penguin). Her work appears in Umbrella Factory magazine, Catskill Mountain Guide, and The Talker.

Six Words - Jamie Feldman

Jamie Feldman is a writer/playwright from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her writing has been published in Scissors & Spackle, Every Day Fiction, and The Green Bike Anthology.

Six Words - Melanie Alldritt

Melanie Alldritt is a student and writer living in Portland, Oregon. She has been published in Perceptions and is a Foul Weather Writer.