Cameron Morse, author of the poetry collection Baldy (Spring 2020)

Cameron Morse recently celebrated the release of his newest poetry collection, Baldy. His collection includes the poems “Silent Partner” and “Kiddie Pool Baptismal,” which first appeared in The Gravity of the Thing’s Summer 2019 issueClick here to learn more.

Praise for Baldy:

“In Cameron Morse’s Baldy, the reader is given a gift: deeply personal poems written in honest language that elevate daily living to an almost transcendent experience. The world is for the living, after all. Throughout this collection, Morse writes with a steady pen to show epiphanies in soiled diapers, dinner messes, bumblebees, living with cancer. This is not a light book and these are not light poems, but in the best traditions of Oliver and Roethke before him, Morse shows us that even in darkness and storm, always there is light.”

– Shawn Pavey, Survival Tips for the Pending Acocalypse (Spartan Press, 2019)

“Cameron Morse writes, ‘What haunts me is the vacancy,’ and yet the poems in this collection are filled and peopled, incredibly alive with a dazzling calm. These are poems of testimony, but not in any conventional sense. Morse’s poems reveal an exceptionally stratified mind. A mind that revels in the overlooked and ignored, as well as the hidden and eternal, until these states become whole. Morse confirms what happens, in fact, happens within us and without. These poems are potent reminders for us to pay attention harder.”

– Jordan Stempleman, Wallop (Magic Helicopter Press, 2015)