A Notable Essay in the Best American Essays 2023

The yellow and black cover of The Best American Essays 2023.David Stromberg’s “Abstract Writing” is a notable essay in the The Best American Essays 2023 – congratulations to David! “Abstract Writing” originally appeared in our Baring the Device column; to read his essay, please click here.


“Rigor is a word that’s used more often in theoretical mathematics than in the creative arts. It has to do with the process of proving something as seemingly simple as the idea that 1 + 1 = 2. In math, one and one cannot be presumed to equal two – or twenty or a hundred or infinity – unless it is proven using rigor. Doing so depends on defining the parameters of each element, defining the parameters of the operation, and then showing that, in a realm functioning according to these definitions, elements that are operated upon in this particular way preserve their integrity. This, in short, is rigor in mathematics…”

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