Cormorant Flight | Victoria Punch

I go down, down
black as a bracket against the sky
lowered in increments
down, down to the level below
wing-rail smooth, feather bent
under the eye of the clock
I fish for the flickers of light
filtering through the derelict Venetian blind,
seaweed and kelp,
wrack and ruin, home to the crabs
and crays, a cupboard of plenty
under the bow of the water carpet—
barnacled pipes and stone board sand.
I descend in graduations,
leaving a tide line
the whole wide home rocks and shocks
and ripples beneath
my dark throated landing
my shadow and slide
I ascend and ascend
and come out in a climb

Victoria Punch is a voice coach and musician. As she is curious about voice and identity, the limits of language and how we perceive things, her poetry comes from these explorations. Published in Roi Fainéant and the6ress. Forthcoming in Poetry, Otis Nebula and One Hand Clapping. Found on Twitter and Instagram @victoriapunch.