Ferris Wheel Witness | Christi R. Suzanne

We rode the Ferris wheel so we could observe from above. Multi-colored carriages swooped up, stopping in towering places. Gasping, eyes down, we counted people walking with red and white popcorn boxes. Crushes of people. I zeroed in on a tall dark-haired man. He held out a massive swirl of cotton candy to a girl in a yellow dress. She didn’t take his offering. It was hard to tell how old she was, or if she knew the man. He grabbed her arm and she tried to pull away. Our carriage edged over the highest point of the ride and continued downward. A sharp glint from somewhere around the man’s waist flared. It was impossible to tell if it came from a belt buckle or a knife.

Christi R. Suzanne is a member of The Order of the Good Death founded by Caitlin Dougherty. She is an advocate for choices that best fit an individual’s needs in whatever realm those choices fall under. She has been published in a variety of literary journals. You can find her at: www.christi-r-suzanne.com.

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