Six Variations on a Theme of Jacques Prévert | Michael Paul Hogan

Le bruit du crayon d’Ingres
sur un papier silence…



 the noise of the pencil of Ingres

the noise of the c-lick Man Ray

le violon d’Ingres

the color pastis RICARD /

a studio

white smoke curl cigOISES le bruit
of the LEICA the camera Man Ray



the noise of the pencil of Ingres
of the picture being formed

of the LEICA

pastiche Ricard

of the camera

bare wood the walls floor o /

& how she likes

being taken from behind



her back the inside smooth

an eggshell LEICA o /




f    the pencil pro
file) the noise o /

he wears

white flannel pants

a pair

of english brogues) his shirt

the collar frayed the cuffs GAULOISES

rolled up a cigarette

his eye

the ground glass lens a LEICA o

click     f     her back     f  



le bruit du crayon le violon

& jazz age Paris my god

chairs tables crazy sidewalk shriek


& dancing on the lids of taxis

(re. Bruccoli: Some Kind of Epic Grandeur )

R typewrOYAL

La Dome

of the pencil of Hemingway / 3
Stories she said three flights my god
the shutters open the cold pastis her clothes
she kisses her girlfriend’s breast

le bruit

of the camera the c-lick Man Ray



the noise of the crayon d’Ingres

of the LEICA the camera Man Ray

& in Paris the ’twenties a young man

with a perfectly o glass eye


Michael Paul Hogan is a journalist, poet, and literary essayist whose work has appeared extensively in the United States, the United Kingdom, India, and China. His most recent collection, Chinese Bolero, a collaboration with the great contemporary painter Li Bin, was published in September 2015.