Thrust Fault | Vivian Ia

the generations of elbow grease
spoke for themselves

our lot was labor


& liquor


made us feel bigger
than monstrosities, sooty
for the tazing

amoebic cancerous darlings

whispers from lineage to lineage,
clutching their pain
as if the lord’s charity,
a disintegrating property deed

their kind

never had

such violence in the value

oranges, grays, browns
the men upstairs tectonic
in self-rusting air
masters & slaves cemented
at the indiscernible limit
between breather & breath,
paternal trinities
& spirit apart

the children the comeuppance

the hatchet’s recalcitrance to burial
low on breastmilk sensations
ejecta jittery
on an a.i. poppy field


here is our lack of a messiah
between hapless canticles


here is our lack of a messiah

this generation of exorcists

set out on miles of road
to a lonesome conversion experience,
found the promise
that techno-divinity
would nourish & save,
rooting toward
eastern rays
their belief restored
in needing to choose to believe

what there will be

instead of humans,

vain prayer, midas touches
as per the wheels of
around a chaos-devouring silhouette,
the first image ever
of a true center

Vivian Ia lives in Berlin. Their poetry has appeared in Bone Bouquet and Tiny Seed.