Still Renting - Joshua Michael Maher

"I am not as hungry as I used to be. I don’t count pennies at night anymore. I don’t recycle cans and bottles; I just leave them on the curb..."

Angel Dust - Alex Behr

"Gib holds his pee and doesn’t laugh when one kid stutters on the rug. He chews and tries to swallow mustard-flavored meat. Aiden calls him short. That is first grade..."

Cementia - Evan Steuber

"I was turning into a statue. It started with the tips of my fingers and toes. While modeling Hermaphroditus for my sculptor-friend, there was a sudden hardening in my extremities..."

Inner Fire - Adam Strong

"I want to cheer and dance around, but I let the warm inside my chest do that for me. It feels like winning and winning is not a thing I am used to doing..."

Three Prose Shorts - Kurt Cline

"Mr. Kalliope was bending by the stream, pouring mackerel in a bucket, when Vincent clambered out of the chicken-coop..."