Cementia - Evan Steuber

"I was turning into a statue. It started with the tips of my fingers and toes. While modeling Hermaphroditus for my sculptor-friend, there was a sudden hardening in my extremities..."

Inner Fire - Adam Strong

"I want to cheer and dance around, but I let the warm inside my chest do that for me. It feels like winning and winning is not a thing I am used to doing..."

Three Prose Shorts - Kurt Cline

"Mr. Kalliope was bending by the stream, pouring mackerel in a bucket, when Vincent clambered out of the chicken-coop..."

Bad Girl - Kate Jayroe

"Helen lives in my frontal lobe. Sometimes, though, she enjoys lobe-hopping. Full-on parietal. Occipital, every blue moon..."

Turbine - Mitchell Grabois

"This is not a job I ever expected to have, but I couldn’t keep farming, not enough land, machines too old. I retrieve dead birds from the base of wind turbines..."