Outside (Diptych) | Karl Miller

"Glimpsed / through stained / glass / during the quiet / doxology - the / flow of cars / continually passing / outside..."

The Edge | Emily Kepulis

"The flower picked / is now shriveled dry / around my ear. I leave it there / because it reminds me of / waking up this morning on a railing..."

Bad Water | Katrina Carrasco

"It’s weird, right, that I chose a town on the water? That’s a form of therapy, though. I think it’s called exposure therapy..."

Selected Poems | Howie Good

"Let them go ahead and put / all four years of college online / or a row of Port-a-Potties / on a Civil War battlefield..."

Thunder of a Thousand | Ryan Mills

"I took a selfie in the mortuary bathroom. Visitors enjoying their mini caprese & deviled eggs, slightly warm. Slightly ham sandwiches..."

Six Words | Yvonne Conza

Yvonne Conza is the co-author of Training for Both Ends of the Leash (Penguin). Her work appears in Umbrella Factory magazine, Catskill Mountain Guide, and The Talker.