Thunder of a Thousand | Ryan Mills

(From The New Dead Style)

I took a selfie in the mortuary bathroom. Visitors enjoying their mini caprese & deviled eggs, slightly warm. Slightly ham sandwiches. Uncomfortable in their dresses & neckties. I made a slightly seductive face, unshaven yet showered. I thought to say killing it, thought better of it. I thought to wash my hands in the washbasin. Thought I’d taste the shrimp. In conversation with distant relatives, is there blood? Who will help to fill these potholes? The shrimp will not be saved. The dead in their favorite overalls and sporting team shirts. No longer in their uniforms. What is the uniform for tomorrow? The disease and the daisies. Milking daisies out of the plastered clouds. East gun White neck East gun White neck.

Ryan Mills attended Manzanita Elementary school and is a co-curator of SB says to smoke more fruit.