Selected Poems | J. D. Nelson

a rotten star leonard

tough insect tryouts this morning
a new earth happening

I have a pecking hand to work for the doctor
a hand and slow pecking, for example

a pecking hand in the poem
glowing for the people at the serious hand farm

a machine in the forest
peanuts for the blue jays

the miracle jape and the landing of the common sud

sharmane the duck is the wolf
that pete of the prairie

the wood is the aero of the pie
the wooden ruckle of the namor

alpha is the sharp wind
could be the light of the seventh yes

that shoe of the country is the begging horse
the bright wig and a pumpkin

a new american lake is the chime of the oriole room
the planet is a biz like xiao the merry heartland

the clean head was a flute of the spirit
the fear flea and that three third that morning

that trout is the cape nectar
the sheep personage on the fax farm

the polar tree

the loop was a klink in the cereal
the cooking hulk of the ski tape

the rosy stomach knows the voice of the chin
the head of the coloring book voice

the face of the shepherd of the first dollar
mike the dot spark was a clone of the chance

the common low is the bering sea of the cake
in the same desert as the christ

this is the bright wood of the colorful ankle
in the country of the thumbs and the numb

to learn of the big egg
that sleeping wish

cheesy shrimp & a tailored walk into the sea

my brain of the simple rind
I’m that fellow of the pines

in the tomb of the soccer clown
mention the coil to the ferryman

the first solid weather of the moon
I was the chuck of the old alphabet

my phantom brain
the apple of the ion

your corn and my corn
the sleep of the forest

J. D. Nelson’s first full-length collection of poetry is in ghostly onehead (mOnocle-Lash Anti-Press, 2021). Visit for more information and links to his published work.