Selected Poems | Victoria Iacchetta

20 Something

We’re stuck in time,
rotting feet with mistakes to
carry. Tongues twist beyond

repair, and our mouths are
held hostage. Saliva drips over
lips unyielded—

I remember that I forgot sound,
like when a clock strikes time and
the days move on.

In Regards to the Lithosphere

Evening glow seeps through
the cracks in plate boundaries,
between our broken bedroom

blinds. He said he wants to plot
my flaws with his fingertips,

To  t e a c h
m e  h o w
t o  d r a w

We stumble over things that
shatter silence, like heavy bre-
athing, and brushing sheets with

skin. He said he wants to study the
way that heat makes my body swell,

To  m a p  m e
t o p o g r a-
p h i c a l l y

Victoria Iacchetta is a Puerto Rican and Italian-American poet who is currently completing an MsC program in London, England. Her poetry and/or photography have been previously published in Ghost City Press, Vamp Cat, Bottlecap PressPeach Mag, and The Sunglight Press.