The Stranged Writing Dust Jacket

Stranged Writing: A Literary Taxonomy is a collection of creative works curated according to biological taxonomy (species, genus, family, order, class, phylum, kingdom, and domain) using word count. The limited hardcover edition includes a screen-printed dust jacket that invites the reader to interact with the anthology, which is both a collection of defamiliarized writing and a multifaceted object. If you own a hardcover copy of Stranged Writing, we welcome you to unwrap your dust jacket and engage with it in any way you wish; we have described below a few creative routes you might consider.

Option #1: Poster

  1. Simply hang the flattened dust jacket as you would any piece of art. The landscape in the background of the inner screen print is oriented vertically, though feel free to display the print the way you prefer.


Option #2: Ornament

  1. With a utility knife or blade, cut out one of the geometric shapes that appear on the inside of your dust jacket.
  2. Create a small hole at the top of your cutout and tie a loop of thread or string to hang your ornament.


Option #3: Garland

  1. Follow the steps in Option #2.
  2. Continue to cut out geometric shapes that appear on the inside of your dust jacket.
  3. Create small holes at the top and bottom of your cutouts and tie them together in a chain using loops of thread or string. Note the final cutout that you tie to the bottom of your garland only needs to have one hole at the top.


Option #4: Booklet

  1. Fold your dust jacket in half widthwise to create a center crease. Unfold your dust jacket after you have created this crease.
  2. Fold your dust jacket in half lengthwise with the colorful images on the outside. Your crease from Step 1 should appear in the center.
  3. Fold the outer ends of the paper inward so they line up with your center crease.
  4. Unfold your dust jacket, which should now have folds that define eight smaller panels; these panels will be the pages of your booklet. Cut the paper lengthwise between the middle four panels. You can use a utility knife or blade to make this cut, or you can fold the paper and use scissors.
  5. Fold your dust jacket in half lengthwise with the colorful images on the outside. Push the ends of the folded paper inward so that the cut you made in Step 4 opens outward.
  6. Push the folded paper inward until you have four pages, each comprised of two pieces of paper.
  7. Flatten the pages in the order you desire to create a booklet. Note each dust jacket was individually screen printed so each print is unique; likewise, each booklet created from this dust jacket will result in a unique collection of abstract flora and fauna imagery.