Sound Poems: Boys and Girls | Janis Butler Holm


That boyish lacy overblouse may jettison this flu vaccine.
That boyish fetal monitor may chug-a-lug this email box.
That boyish verb infinitive may nominate this melon tree.
That boyish microsatellite may differ from this waterbird.
That boyish hippopotamus may interview this calaboose.
That boyish choreography may thematize this sippy cup.
That boyish duoplasmatron may pander to this body bag.
That boyish neurasthenia may photobomb this geyserite.


That girlish graphic algebra will shudder at this nippiness.
That girlish radar imaging will borrow from this lava flood.
That girlish stellar parallax will diddle with this walkathon.
That girlish lethal weaponry will expurgate this duffle coat.
That girlish intake manifold will clamor for this turnip bed.
That girlish copper gluconate will pulverize this rowdydow.
That girlish rule of evidence will answer to this semaphore.
That girlish giant octopus will supercharge this voting bloc.


Your manliest apparel chain might lie in wait for thrombocytes.
Your manliest narcotics stash might poke a hole in vector sums.
Your manliest embroidery might draw the line at mummichogs.
Your manliest division sign might bear the brunt of chlorophyll.
Your manliest bicuspid valve might run away with reading lists.
Your manliest forget-me-not might splice together bugle beads.
Your manliest stultiloquence might take a load off diddly-squat.
Your manliest precociousness might undernourish fanny packs.


Your womanliest three-card monte scrutinizes movie props.
Your womanliest chipboard pricing dramatizes circus folk.
Your womanliest photon flow rate moisturizes gravy trains.
Your womanliest abstract language terrorizes jockey shorts.
Your womanliest search and seizure dimerizes hucklebones.
Your womanliest zombie bloodbath formalizes index cards.
Your womanliest butler’s sideboard liquidizes creeper vibes.
Your womanliest timed withdrawal galvanizes bowling balls.

Janis Butler Holm has served as Associate Editor for Wide Angle, the film journal, and currently works as a writer and editor in sunny Los Angeles. Her prose, poems, and performance pieces have appeared in small-press, national, and international magazines. Her plays have been produced in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

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