Three Anagram Poems | Desiree Remick

William Shakespeare

Karma keeps a small smile as warm
wishes warp shawls, harps help heels.
Walk a seesaw sail. She seeks harm,
washes wasps. A weak meal sparks real
skills. Her arms are a limp heap; she spills
his share. Mall kale is a sham, miss.
Same helm as I saw in war. Ask me, will
I hike a mile all April? Risk hell, seek a kiss.
Her elm shakes. She is a leper; he is a Sikh.
Ill marks spew a mess, seep smells. She wails,
spells are amiss! A messiah’s spiel: a meek
elk has a raw rash. Heal a kelp whale,
a sea wisp, a seer’s psalm. Spam milk
kills herpes. Mash a ham. All hail whelks!


Tent’s on fire!
Attend to it, dear.
Don’t free Satan—
never trust a fiend
to vent tender sound,
free fate and not fear.

Starvation ends at a
feast. Fat rats do not
dine on dust or dirt.
I often run, afraid of
vast feints of a star.
Stand fast, O fount

of due fortune. See,
I ate a sun and netted
five tears, ten tears.
I stand in front of
a friend, dare to save
trees, vines, and stone.

Do I die for a tune?

As Midas Did

To harden a heart, stab mine
and bend it so that it shatters.

Bereave me, divide me, rub
me into an artist’s imitation.

Traverse the months to moan
under a hard tide, rust-veins

and amber desire. Enervate
this mad home, bare of habit.

She said I didn’t invite her.
The truth is, I didn’t return,

but I tried to adhere to her;
I tried to subsist on moths,

on ruined bread, on shame,
but the moisture in rain

dried out and made a desert.
It doesn’t matter; this burden

is a dead bird destined to sin.
Do I deserve to be in Heaven?

I admired her, I desired her.
But I turned her to treasure,

as Midas did, and shit—
I never intended that.

Desiree Remick (she/her) is pursuing a BFA in creative writing at Southern Oregon University. She is also the fiction editor of Nude Bruce Review. In her life before college, she taught fencing, picked cones for the forest service, and worked with a partner to translate poetry from Japanese to English. Her debut short story was the runner-up for Kallisto Gaia Press’ 2020 Chester B. Himes Memorial Short Fiction Prize. Her work has also appeared in Unlost, The Ekphrastic Review, MockingHeart Review, and other places. You can connect with her on LinkedIn at