Trish Hopkinson, A Godless Ascends (Lithic Press)

Cover Art with a drawing of a woman wearing flowers in her hair.Trish Hopkinson is the author of the poetry collection A Godless Ascends, which is now available for pre-order at Lithic Press. Her poem, “Nocturne to Uterus”, which appears in her new collection, first appeared in The Gravity of the Thing’s Spring 2023 issue.

Praise for A Godless Ascends:

“Like the screech owl, Trish Hopkinson’s work hardens itself in order to keep its insides soft. There’s a Plathian urgency to these poems, reminding us that memory has taste buds, ancestry is complicated and life, like poetry, is grounded in physicality.”

—Wendy Videlock, author of Wise to the West

“A Godless Ascends offers such a visceral reading experience, full of line breaks that turn surprising corners to reveal vivid scenes and the messy realities of life as a young daughter, intense adolescent, wife, and then mother to children who will grow up and move out as well. In the first ‘She-God’ poem, the speaker says, ‘she is / a whole being godless / —she birthed two / no three— / if she chooses to / count herself / & she does.’ And Trish Hopkinson does a brilliant job of counting herself and her family in these autobiographical poems. I can’t wait to share this book and read it again myself!”

—Katie Manning, editor-in-chief of Whale Road Review