Nocturne to Uterus | Trish Hopkinson

beastly uterus
w/ lustful compulsions
& boiling blood

philandering & crude
warbling w/ desire
& snarling obscene

Grendel uterus
persistent in crooning
its retch      its ache

ungratified / such waste
of muscle & flora
o coarse brute

w/ curled claws
& sour saliva     consumes
from the inside

out      refuses
rest & hungers
even when fed

o uterus     o lovers’ skin
slapping in rhythm
belly to belly

o      venous devil
witness of lunar rise
red & full     floating

in silver nightdust
o        sorceress
o    open hymen

Trish Hopkinson is a poet and advocate for the literary arts. You can find her online at and provisionally in Colorado, where she runs the regional group Rock Canyon Poets. Hopkinson happily answers to atheist, feminist, and empty nester; and enjoys traveling, live music, wine-tasting, and craft beer.