Benjamin Kessler, Of This World (Game Over Books)

Of This World book cover.Benjamin Kessler is the author of the short story collection Of This World, which was published in April, 2023 by Game Over Books. His story “How to Build a Box”, which appears in his new collection, was the feature of our Winter 2019 issue as well as anthologized in our Stranged Writing anthology.

Praise for Of This World:

“Benjamin Kessler’s Of This World is a terrific collection. Its stories are compact, powerful, and often deeply strange—reflecting, in precise, evocative prose, the ever-more-surreal world in which we find ourselves living. A mesmerizing journey from first story to last.”

—Christopher Coake, author of You Would Have Told Me Not To

“The stories in Of This World are so funny and unexpected, inhabited by strikingly different and memorable characters. Kessler has a gift for capturing fleeting, vivid moments that indelibly reveal a character’s deepest fears or desires in a flash. What I love most is how these stories portray contradictory feelings in a single character or relationship—sadness and absurdity, love and loneliness—often at the same time. This is a lively, entertaining story collection that will stay with you.”

—Gabriel Urza, author of All That Followed and The White Death: An Illusion