Figures 5-28 | Jeffrey Bean

Fig. 5: The duck is pleased
Fig. 6: The duck feels a sharp pain and endures it
Fig. 7: The duck is going to pay that fucker back
Fig. 8: The duck is moved by the tender color of the evening sky
Fig. 9: The duck throws a punch
Fig. 10: The duck is surprised by the skill of his opponent
Fig. 11: The duck is confused by his feelings
Fig. 12: The duck is trying to think of an apology
Fig. 13: The duck is an artiste
Fig. 14: The duck is badly frightened and seeks solace in the warm presence of his father
Fig. 15: The duck is angry and will make a sculpture of his rage
Fig. 16: The duck is a master swordsman wandering into a strange town
Fig. 17: The duck concentrates
Fig. 18: The duck is driving a car comfortably
Fig. 19: The duck is driving a car comfortably
Fig. 20: The duck is driving a car comfortably
Fig. 21: The duck is driving a car comfortably
Fig. 22: The duck is riding a bus comfortably
Fig. 23: The duck startles at the sight of a girl falling from a play apparatus
Fig. 24: The duck imagines unendurable grief
Fig. 25: The duck is going to show you how a real duck handles a miter saw
Fig. 26: The duck is fond of his one true friend the mud
Fig. 27: The duck is vulnerable
Fig. 28: The duck waits in the café and listens

Jeffrey Bean is a professor of English/creative writing at Central Michigan University. He is the author of two chapbooks and the poetry collections Woman Putting on Pearls and Diminished Fifth, and his poems appear in The Southern Review, The Laurel Review, The Missouri Review, The Antioch Review, and Willow Springs, among other journals.

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