Itchy | Turandot Shayegan

let me know if you plan on borrowing my skin it itches sometimes when you pull it off it itches
and i can’t itch it when i’m so naked sitting here without my skin i’m so naked it itches it itches
it’s naked i’m naked i’m itches it’s naked and didn’t you know that naked people can’t itch
borrowed skin

it’s the pull you know i know its the pull it catches my edges and that whatitches didn’t you know
it’s the pull and the edges the naked edges are itchy and it’s all borrowed but don’t you have a

let me know when you plan on itchingme by stealing my skin it helps to know beforehandso i
can kiss it goodbye but don’t worry i like to be naked without my skin i just don’t like that it
itches it itches is it naked too

i like to think of you wearingmyskin i kissed it for you i think i like to think of you in my outer
edges you are the opposite of naked you are wearing me i kissed me for you but i am naked so
you are naked too

didn’t you know its the same to be naked and itchy and to have two skins or none because
they’re both evennumbers and my outer edges are itchy too if you put them back on wrong if the
edges mismatch and also and also i kissed me for me i think

Turandot Shayegan is a student from Los Angeles, California. She was a 2019-2020 finalist and the 2020-2021 runner-up for the LA Youth Poet Laureate. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Fourteen Hillsfilling Station, Anomaly, Drunk Monkeys, and Driftwood Press, amongst others.