Nightingale Sonnets | Lenore S. Beadsman

A Sonnet to the Nightingale Kiannah:
Red plaid pants, pierced lips, brilliant

Provoked by the tense of the earlier and steadfast lines
Has she been towering over the containment for how it can
Look to be the amazement around the filtering of a cluster
The best it can hover over the amazing and seized for vines
It has her best of the lowest to contend with the normal span
Of her telling of the symptoms has a really true to the luster

And openly it has involved the menial and protested was never
The keeping to immediate concerns is her alpha of the appetite
This also has engrave of what she can be the presumed a loss
For the instant of the not much is the hardship each can be a lever
For also the menial diseases are of the utmost contained on a flight
What more can lack the instantaneous and dissolved flurry to toss

A Sonnet to the Nightingale Delphine:
Tattoos of writing above both knees, jean shorts, helpless

Affronted with the anxiety to control out of the rather needy
But possible has there been a flippant announcement to cover
The menial part of the cycle which has developed into a toss
About to render and sift through the morass was possible seedy
To contain and lift up over the outlets is a rowdy sustained lover
For her to simplify the sauces each of those has had under the moss

Until there was none other for the ways to bargain out the champ
Certainly no brain would take on the aesthetics for a most to be hidden
It can catapult the reaches of the remarkable event was a pure dosage
Where else is the needy for the mistaken would they bargain to a scamp
Knows the brittle brilliance is none other than to feel for the hideous bedridden
Could cope while antagonizing the fruits of the spilled types are a rough presage

A Sonnet to the Nightingale Zelda:
Red velvet skirt, pink silk blouse, approachable

Coming to the forefront of each of those who remain
Inside the coveted climate can claim the renounced pert
Can it be the enlargement for the medicinal she was upset
It was planned to be purged out of existence perhaps the same
However she was of the literate colors to subsume an alert
This is the sonic toxic filing to dream out the merchandise let

Thereby taken to have the esteem roughly and nightly for a quaint
Luxurious trending the militant force of those who are of a cherish
To pitter patter the uppity of the nightly deranged more so he face
Was to gather the remaining rudiments and here she is to go faint
Letting one have her fabulous grainy impeded is the rudiment perish
Until there is no more of the rollicking how can it stand for a place

Lenore S. Beadsman resides in Chicago, Illinois. She mostly writes sonnets about women in all of their incarnations, and has written numerous sonnets about angels, princesses, she-wolfs, and forest nymphs, of which a number have been published online and in print. She aspires to having an entire collection of them published.